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Neg control

sample 1

4 minutes exposure

sample 2

Ionic  Colloidal silver

(Bacteria killed)

Colloidal Silver (non ionic)

(Less Bacteria killed)

Ionic  Colloidal silver

(Bacteria killed)

Colloidal Silver (non ionic)

(Less Bacteria killed)

Meso Silver 

Argentyn 23  with 3ppm HCI

 Pratical Colloidal silver

Meso Silver 
Pos Control

Ionic  Colloidal silver

Argentyn 23  Pos Control

Ionic  Colloidal silver

 Pratical Colloidal silver

The concentrations of HCl added to each of the two products were such that the concentrations of HCl in the final volumes would be 3ppm, 4ppm, and 7ppm. The range of concentration was determined in an earlier experiment. These concen-trations were selected because, if the HCl were to react with the silver, the conversion of Ag+ to AgCl would not make HCl the limiting reagent. The amount of remaining active silver would be the true limiting factor.

The following conclusions can be drawn from the data:

1. It is evident from the results that the antimicrobial efficacy of both products decreases as the concentration of HCl increases .

2. When comparing the plates where no HCl was added, it can be seen that Argentyn 23™ has far greater antibacterial efficacy than Mesosilver™ . Mesosilver's™ antibacterial efficacy is almost negated by adding just 4ppm of HCl, whereas Argentyn23™ 's antibacterial efficacy is only slightly reduced but still strong, even with the addition of 7 PPM HCl.
3. Adding HCl to the silver products, causes the chloride ion to bind the silver ion forming Silver chloride (AgCl). Since Argentyn23™ is primarily an ionic product there is still a sufficient number of Ag+ ions left to kill the bacteria.

4. Mesosilver™ on the other hand is primarily particulate in nature, and has significantly little (compared to Argentyn 23™ ) silver ion content. Once the silver ions in Mesosilver™ react with the chloride ions, they become almost completely inactivated. We see an almost complete loss of antimicrobial activity when Mesosilver™ is exposed to even modest quantities of HCl.

5. This experiment serves as proof that it is the active, available silver ions - not the particulate silver - in which the antibacterial property of silver resides.

 Ionic vs Particulate Silver

December 22, 2004
Andrew Martin, B.S. John W.Roberts, Ph.D.
Natural-Immunogenics Corp.

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There is considerable discussion and controversy regarding whether ionic silver or particulate (colloidal) silver is more efficacious. This has been discussed on the silver-list by many of the members; some of them having chemistry and/or medical backgrounds. It is claimed by MesoSilver that colloids are more effective at killing pathogens. Their product is about 90% colloidal while most ionic/colloidal silver is typically 75-95% ionic. They claim that ionic silver is converted to silver chloride in the stomach by coming in contact with hydrochloric acid, thereby becoming ineffective.

The company Natural Immunogenics, manufacturer of Argentyn 23 claims the ionic portion is more effective at killing pathogens. Their product is about 95% ionic. In order to resolve the dispute Natural Immunogenics performed kill studies using a controlled comparison that diluted both MesoSilver and Argentyn 23 with hydrochloric acid to neutralize the ions in MesoSilver. Then the two were diluted to 20 PPM each so the comparison would have validity. They then combined the remaining fractions of Mesosilver and Argentyn with two strains of Staphylococcus Aureus. The dilutions were placed on petri plates and graded as to their effectiveness in killing the pathogens.

Please see the test results listed below. This should resolve the issue. It seems clear the ionic portion is more effective at killing pathogens.

It should be noted that our Colloidal Silver is 85% ionic and the balance is colloidal. So, no matter who you think is right, the water contains enough of each form of silver to be effective.  We believe the ionic form of silver is the best form of Silver.

The tests below should resolve the issue between Ionic & particle silver It seems clear the ionic portion is more effective at killing pathogens.

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